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Being dedicated to making precision gears and splined shafts means being dedicated to ensuring tooth geometry meets specification. We check the tooth geometry of our gears by our Klingelnberg ZPK gear measuring machine. Limoz Machine & Gear is proud to have had its Quality System registered ISO 9000 standard since 2001. We registered to the latest version ISO 9001: 2008 in 2015.

First piece inspection is conducted on every machining sequence.


Limöz gears has its own inspection departments which is furnished with the latest CMM machines (MORA, GERMANY) and metrology equipment. We use the ZPK260 Klingelnberg machine for measuring gears to ensure that all measurements are automatically checked.

For all batch of orders, the gear control reports are delivered together with the parts.
Focusing on quality at the source to support zero defect policy.
For the worm and worm wheels; adjustments, contact patterns and working backlash could be set with a ±0,01 mm precision.